Our history is as colourful as we are. Alan Stirling Bridger started his career in acting.  Having been successful in securing several roles in Theatre and Television he went onto enter the roll of Solicitors in 1982.  Alan was one of the very first Solicitors in England to have been awarded Higher Rights of Audience, meaning he was able to represent Clients all the way to trials in the Crown Court.  His charisma and ethos of hard work along with his personal ideas of social justice and equality meant that he had soon built a brand for himself within the Courts.  Alan was instructed on several high-profile cases including activists that were arrested at the sites of nuclear plants.  Alan was particularly interested in civil liberties and had a reputation nationally for assisting individuals that were arrested at rallies and demonstrations.


The concept of social justice, fairness and equality are at the forefront and the very foundation stone of the firm now.  Leading with Alan’s individual ideas, Proctor & Hobbs has developed its brand, ethos and strategy on the concept of the principals and values of its Director.  This is not a firm, purely for profit or benefit.  Proctor & Hobbs focuses on the people, on society and every aspect of it.  Having staff from diverse backgrounds and social standing allows the firm to better understand the people it acts for.  Our aim is not profit, our aim is to help those that need our help the most.  We are ‘the Peoples firm..’